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What are things everyone does but no one admits to doing it?

99.9% of people:

  1. Watch porn.
  2. Masturbate.
  3. Pick their nose. Some people eat their snot, too.
  4. Start diets and end up eating chips at midnight.
  5. Check out their body in the mirror.
  6. Pee in the shower.
  7. Embellish stories to make themselves sound cool.
  8. Fart and blame it on someone else.
  9. Stare at pictures of their crush.
  10. Practice conversations they will probably never have, in front of a mirror.
  11. Record their voice in order to hear what it sounds like to the rest of the world.
  12. Snoop around in other people’s bathrooms.
  13. Enjoy the pooping process.
  14. Concentrate so hard on having the right amount of eye contact with the person they are talking to, that they end up not hearing half of what he/she was saying.
  15. Turn their phones on to check the time, but forget to check the time.

I don’t normally do these, but I would really appreciate it if you read and admit it. Thanks for reading!!

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