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Suspense Digest (سسپنس ڈائجسٹ) is the largest circulated monthly Urdu language suspense digest in Pakistan. The approximately 320-page magazine is published by Jasoosi Publications every month. The first magazine was launched in the  January 1972.

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Suspense Digest

The famous Jasoosi digest publications released other various digest like Pakeeza, Sergazist and Dilkash. These family Urdu magazines are very famous in the Pakistan. The Jasoosi and Suspense digest is story based and Pakeeza, Sergazist and Dilkash are family entertainment magazines. Company is expanding its business to the other Urdu spoken counties. Magazines are monthly and released by the Jasoosi digest publications on particular dates of each month. Famous story writers of subcontinent are associated with these outstanding magazines. You can download suspense digest here.

The magazine published the Devta serial novel from 1977 to 2010. Suspense Digest is also available in Android app. You can download by clicking here.

People also search for PDF Urdu Digest to download Suspense Digest January 2019, Suspense Digest February 2019, Suspense Digest March 2019, Suspense Digest April 2019, Suspense Digest May 2019, Suspense Digest June 2019, Suspense Digest July 2019, Suspense Digest August 2019, Suspense Digest September 2019, Suspense Digest October 2019, Suspense Digest November 2019 and Suspense Digest December 2019 in PDF form. It is better to download the app and install in your android mobile. It is very interesting and worth reading method.

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