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How to remove thegoodcaster.com virus from PC

If your searching how to remove thegoodcaster.com virus you are at right place. It is very annoying to see the the goodcaster.com virus in your computer. In this situation browser automatically launches and opens different annoying website. It is so annoying virus that when you are doing your work it pops up and disturbs your work. I have searched a lot to remove this virus on internet but failed to find any suitable solution. In the result, I decided to install a new window but it was difficult for me because I have many updates in my computer. So, I found solution of How to remove Thegoodcaster.com virus from PC myself. Here are some steps which you need to follow accurately so you may be able to remove Thegoodcaster.com virus from your computer.

Whenever, you power on your computer, you see many links open in your computer like this.

remove thegoodcaster.com virus

How to remove Thegoodcaster.com virus


Close all applications instead of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other browser which affected with virus.

Open Windows Task Manager by pressing Alt + Ctrl + Delete.

Go to Process Tab

See the unidentified programs which do not belong to any program. These are virus.

Right click on the program and Click on “Open File Location.

remove thegoodcaster.com virus

You will be moved to the file location. Here is the screenshot. You can’t delete this file until you click End Process in Task Manager. Click on End Process and then delete this file. You can delete this file now.

remove thegoodcaster.com virus

Here is End process button before deleting virus from location End process first.

remove thegoodcaster.com virus

Do the same process with all unwanted programs seeing in Windows Task Manager. Delete all virus files and come to next step.

remove thegoodcaster.com virus

Click on Start Button and open Start Menu.

Go to Startup Option.

You will find Lil Links file.

remove thegoodcaster.com virus

Delete this file from your computer and empty recycle bin.

remove thegoodcaster.com virus

Your PC has cleaned now, Enjoy……

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