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Jasoosi Digest (Urdu: جاسوسی ڈائجسٹ‎) (english: Spy Digest) is a monthly Pakistan digest that publishes suspense and mystery stories often involving socio-political issues . The digest is monthly and involves at least two main stories called سرورق کی کہانیاں which often is very attractive.

Instruction: If App do not install, please uninstall its latest version from your mobile and then install old version. 

Jasoosi Digest

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Here you can locate all Jasoosi Dgiest version in the shape of android app. Read Online and offline Jasoosi digest which constains Urdu Novels, Imran Series, English Novels, And Kids Stories, Imran Series, Islami Books, Urdu Novel.

Soon Jasoosi digest will be upload on torrent and you will be able to Download Through Torrent. We are not facilitating downpours, we are giving option download interfaces through deluge for ease.

People also search for PDF Urdu Digest to download Jasoosi Digest January 2019, Jasoosi Digest February 2019, Jasoosi Digest March 2019, Jasoosi Digest April 2019, Jasoosi Digest May 2019, Jasoosi Digest June 2019, Jasoosi Digest July 2019, Jasoosi Digest August 2019, Jasoosi Digest September 2019, Jasoosi Digest October 2019, Jasoosi Digest November 2019 and Jasoosi Digest December 2019 in PDF form. It is better to download the app and install in your android mobile. It is very interesting and worth reading method.

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“Jasosoi digest” contains famous for its crime,adventure,spy and jasoosi novels. One complete novel every month and two novelts on the basis of title of the Jasosoi Digest are very popular among all the readers of Jasoosi Digest. Serial novels are backbone for the “Jasoosi Digest” and Tahir Javed Mughal tha most famous writer of Jasoosi stories is writing the Angarray novel on episode wise. Downlaod and read Latest Jasoosi Digest.

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